Sic Bo Strategy: Rules & Tips for Winning

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On this page, we have recommend a handful of online casinos that allow you to play real money games for a wide variety of stakes. You should have a smooth gaming experience on any device when playing Sic Bo. We only recommend online casinos that optimize the game for mobile, tablet, and desktop. You can enjoy the game wherever you are, with no issues whatsoever when playing at our trusted casinos. LeoVegas is a multi-award winning online and mobile casino and it’s easy to see why.

The result has led to fortunes for casino players all over the planet. Find out where to play Sic Bo online and get rules and strategies for this easy-to-learn game with our expert guides. You can also download your own free Sic Bo bets table for real money play, and learn key terms with our Sic Bo glossary. Sic bo, gambling game played with dice that is widely popular in Asia. During the 1980s and ’90s, it spread to American and European casinos, partially in an effort to appeal to gamblers from the East.

  • If you checked every single game even at the smallest online Casino, you’d find something you never heard about.
  • Unfortunately, many casinos don’t offer Sic Bo online for one simple reason – the payouts are often too high.
  • It may be frustrating at first but it’s not that difficult to learn the Sic Bo rules.

And even if there are, only a few would be any good for playing Sic Bo. This guide was explicit enough, so don’t panic – I won’t bore you with hundreds of places where to play Sic Bo. As in if the dice have been rolling Big sums for a long time, it will definitely roll a lot of Small ones now. If you thought Craps and Roulette table layout was complicated, you should look at this beauty. Did you know there are only two Casino games including dice? While we resolve the issue, check out these similar games you might enjoy.


Our complete Sic Bo guide on this page will teach you how to play the simple game of Sic Bo. It also includes a free game to practice Sic Bo, tips and tricks, and a complete rundown of Sic Bo betting and payouts. You can also find our top-rated Sic Bo online casinos in case you want to play the game for real money.

They usually pay 1 to 1 and have the smallest house edge. Thus, these are the best odds you can have in a Sic Bo game. If you checked every single game even at the smallest online Casino, you’d find something you never heard about.

Around Asia, the game is also known as Dai Siu, which translates as ‘Big Small’. You will get the most out of a bonus that combines a decent amount with playthrough requirements that better fit your schedule and usual choice of games. The Big and Small bets have the best odds and the smallest house edge. You can also bet on a specific set of triples — but your odds are worse here. This bet pays 10 to 1 but you have only 7.4 percent chance to predict it right.

For example, a double 1 won’t come in if your chosen total is 9 and a double 6 won’t come in if your total is 12. If you bet on 9, try 3 units on 9 as the total and 2 units on double 1, 5, and 6. You will get back 21 units if 9 wins from a 9-unit bet and 22 units if any of the doubles win. Nearly 2,000 years ago, people in China enjoyed gaming with stones, tiles and dice. To this day, many of their games live on in their original forms or modern variations. Among these is Sic Bo, which translates roughly as ‘Precious Dice’.

This is why the Small and Big bet types are the favorite ones for most Sic Bo players. Practice for free until you get the hang of Sic Bo Many of our recommended casinos allow you to try games for free chips before investing your own money. This is a great way to learn a new game, especially one like Sic Bo which has many different options before you start playing with your own money. Players need to place a bet on certain areas of the table, an example of which is shown below. The Dealer is responsible for throwing the dice, unlike other dice games such as Craps where Players themselves roll.